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From Your Plate to Your Heart

The first of its kind globally, ChakhnaShot is a light hearted snack, combining the flavours of today with the memories of yesterday, enhancing the experience of your favourite drink. 

Ab "kuch-bhi" nahi chalega!

Exotic flavours

Jalapeño Twist

Thodi spicy Puri natkhat
An ode to the eternal last benchers. This is for the ones that go fishing for spicy troubles, gets everyone into it and at the very end, with a sudden twist in the tale, saves the world emerging the hero of those college folklore. They are the types you can love or hate but can never ignore. Smoked with that extra spice, that burns and sweats at the tip of the tongue, but just like its name does a twist at the end to calm your nerves. Are you game for the twist?

Pink Salt and Pepper

Thodi namkeen Puri classic
When life is all about enjoying old school rock music, the long dusty rides and the aged leather jacket, you surely have the “Classic” taste for the good things. Of all the chakhna you’ve enjoyed, you can never go wrong with this gently salted and mild peppery chakhna that is designed to make you smile remembering your best memories. But to be sure you enjoy it guiltfree, we have sprinkled it with Himalayan pink salt. Now that’s like being a best friend, isn’t it?

Achari Masti

Thodi tangy Puri masti
When you love the crazy college night-outs but also miss your mom’s homemade pickle, when the boy/girl in front of you in a queue attracts you but you can smell the aroma of your lover from miles away, you are caught in a paradox that’s called “youth”. Blended with our homemade spices combined with the chatpata flavour from street food, this will take you through a tangy journey good enough to stimulate your treasured memories. With whom are you having masti today?

Minty Mania

Thodi zesty Puri pagalpanti
The loud house parties, the sexy dance moves and the zillions of selfies with your tongues sticking out! If you are the craziest party animal that can fire-up absolutely anything, you are our Minty Maniac. Crispy, delicious, shaken and stirred with a refreshing hint of mint – your taste buds will go down on its knees to savour the mania in every crunchy bite. Are you salivating already?

Ingredients right out of your college notes

Introducing the PCM range with our secret spices

Little gang


  • Tasty
  • Fulfilling
  • Crispy
Teda Dost


  • Tasty
  • Healthy
  • Premium
Spicy Girl


  • Fluffy
  • Low Calories
  • Crunchy
Secret Talk

Magic Masala

  • Tasty
  • Fresh
  • Unique

Make Chakhna
Your Own

Try out some quick recipies with chakhnashot to make it your own. Add some creativity and be the boss of the group.

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