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Birth of ChakhnaShot

When Chow did not like the Bar Menu.

Our Story

#TheBirth (Owl in Nest).

Char yaars- Chow, Avi, Rajaji and Bengali dada, years after completing their MBA, reunited at Connaught place to celebrate their sound friendship- to remember all the cherished memories of college they preserved in the depth of their hearts for life and replay all the crazy fun they had and laugh along. Mildly hungry, they scanned through the food menu as if digging through a treasure.

Rajaji – while the waiter was placing their drinks on the table- spoke, in his regal manner “Yaar thoda Chakhna lana, thoda spicy and tangy”. They didn’t want those boring masala peanuts or any oily junk; they craved for some real ‘chakhna’ that would tease their senses and bring some kick into the party. To their disappointment, there was none.
Avi, the coolest of them all, chirped “Why don’t we just order from whatever we have on this menu? Never do we get what we want.”

Dada, sagely said “Chill bro, let’s not spoil our moods. Order whatever is available and we can always spice things up with our talent huh? Everyone chorused into a laughter, while Chow silently nodded, deep in thoughts, an idea erupting. One month along on the timeline, Chow throws a party. Standing on the table top, he announces his grand business idea. “Months into the brainstorming, we came up with Chakhna Shot- where we have picked the traditional PCM Chakhna combo (Peanuts, Cashews and Makhana mix) right out of our college days and blended it with the modern flavours of today to craft a combination that will be loved by all.

Welcome to the world of Chakhna Shot- a must have snack for your good times. The rest three stared back with amazement gleaming in their eyes, thumping the tables in excitement, thinking about the buzzing possibility. And so the journey begins.

Chakhna Shot, isn’t just a snack, but is a feeling by itself that brings back memories of those night-outs, the friendly banter and drunken brawls, the tears shed gulping the golden bitter, the world cups and the IPLs or those special moments of staring at each other’s eyes spending hours over a drink.

Honest  food processing

We do everything so that only he best products reach you.

active R&D

A dedicated approach towards product innovation and regular quality intervention are in place to ensure value based quality exotic and trendy products for you. Minds on technical research and ears on market research are always open for the purpose.

noble Sourcing

A noble approach is being exercised to optimize our sourcing from authentic suppliers. With a motivation to impact last point person in value chain, we aspire to source majority of raw material directly from farmer.

caring Processing

With utmost careful practices and ISO 22000:2005 certified state of the art processing plant, we always try to create a uniform product governed by set high standards to create a awesome experience for our consumers.

stiff Quality Control

All planning fails if not checked with quality filters. We mean it. A 7 Layers Quality Check to ensure best quality products as per specification. We try our level best so that each packs goes through the stiff screening.

tech enabled Sales & Distribution

Efficiency is what we always try to surpass our own benchmark and in present time, it cant not be established without technology. All our Sales & distribution activities works on our Chakhna App.

sensible Customer Care

We always stand besides our customer with open ears. Be it small or a complex query, we deal with equal seriousness. Call us anytime to experience it !!!
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